I am a journalist, editor, content strategist, and UX Writer.

Journalism: I write on the intersection of culture, technology, identity, food, and health. I have written for publications like The Washington Post, HUCK Magazine, Wired Magazine, Aljazeera, etc.

An essential part of my work is to tell the stories of underrepresented groups and highlight people's voices across different sectors.

Editing: As an editor, there is a voice of criticism constantly ringing in my head. 

I have worked with some of the most notable editors globally, and the care they use in taking care of my work is what I use while editing. I have edited for Living Free UK and ghost-edited some fantastic pieces. Apart from making sure that every story I edit is grammatically correct, I make it clear and understandable, working with writers to achieve this.

UX Writing: I am a champion of the end-user. 

I write microcopies aligning to a brand's voice & tone while making sure it is compelling, concise, and readable. When it comes to UX Writing, I make sure the user doesn't end up grasping at straws. And through user research, I try to understand what users of a product want, why they want it, and how to go about it. I currently work with a start-up in its developing stage, and when I am less busy, I create projects on Behance (https://www.behance.net/chisomjob)

Content Strategy: I have developed content strategies for brands and created editorial calendars for content delivery. I have worked with clients under Myback.link.